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Three Easy Steps for a Custom Installed Home Entertainment System

 An installation can be as simple as wiring your home for a pair of speakers or it can be as extensive as installing a multi-zone/multi-source system with remote sensors and speakers in multiple rooms, so you can enjoy television and stereo wherever you choose. We have the tools and expertise to provide you with a quality, professional installation, no matter if you are building a new home, remodeling, or adding a system to your current home. We think you will be amazed at just how easy and affordable the whole selection & installation process can be. 

1. Consultation & Selection:

 We will be happy to meet with you at our showroom, or in your home, to discuss your music, video, lighting, and communication needs. Together, we'll review your plans and blueprints to determine your wants and desires. Then we'll help you select components from our wide variety of quality products and propose a comprehensive system designed to fit your unique needs and budget. We will also work with your designer, architect, and builder to coordinate the installation. 

2. Construction & Installation:

 Work can begin when all your choices have been made and plans are completed. Each type of installation will have different phases. Your specific type will be determined and an installation plan will be created. Our goal is to provide you with the best home entertainment system, while protecting your homes beauty and architectural integrity. 

3. Completion & Walk-Through:

 When all of the wiring, construction and finish work have been completed, we will deliver and install the equipment that you have chosen. Then final adjustments and fine tuning will be done to your system to ensure that every detail is correct. Next, we will give you a "walk-through" to review its functions and operations. Our desire is to make sure that you are comfortable with all the functions and features and that you are fully satisfied with its performance.